Moon Sign

Moon Signs – Chandra Rashi

In the Vedic or Hindu System of Astrology, the Moon sign holds pride of place over all other planetary positions. The Vedic culture Moon sign is called as Rashi. Rashi literally means a cluster or a heap. But since the signs in Hindu astrology are identified with constellations ( which contain a heap or cluster of stars forming a particular geometric pattern) the word Rashi has, by extended meaning come to mean a sign, and when only the Rashi of a particular native is referred to it means the Moon sign.

The Moon is the fastest moving “planetary” cycle in the astrological chart. The Moon Sign placement is measured in degrees °, minutes ‘ and seconds “. For convenience, most astrologists round the measurement to degrees and minutes. The Moon moves approximately one minute through a sign every two minutes in time or approximately 13 degrees each day. Similar to “time,” astrology measures movement through the zodiac as 60 seconds equals 1 minute and 60 minutes equals one degree. Then the difference becomes more apparent. Each sign equals 30 degrees and all 12 zodiac signs total 360 degrees.

The Moon’s astrological location within our birth chart helps to define our emotional state of development. Some astrologers believe that the Moon’s placement is the unconscious side of our personality. Our emotions may be formed subconsciously, but we know what we feel when we feel it, making it conscious to us at a very personal level. Although we may not share these feelings as openly as we share our Sun traits, our Moon traits are where we intuitively go to find comfort, inner peace, childhood memories, or where the emotions of jealousy, rage, and hate reside in our psyche. The Moon’s placement in our charts also influences other senses such as sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. These are all connected directly to our subconscious memories. In a sense, our Moon sign is very important in that it helps to make us different from everyone else within our Sun sign.

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