Horary Astrology

Generally, the astrologer asks the queerest to give a number, at random within 249. The number that is given forms the basis for the prediction. Some may scoff at this branch of science saying that the predictions given by Horary Astrology cannot be correct as the number given is after all a chance. They may suggest that the person could have given any other number or thought of one number and mentioned another. Such people do not realize that the queerest cannot give any other number except the one which he had given occasionally. The number that he gives depends upon his past action or Karma as well as the future results he is to enjoy just as the moment of birth is the effect of his past Karma. None can convince that one’s birth at the particular moment, whether normal or Caesarean, is a chance. If one were to reiterate, one is ignorant of the wonderful Divine Law. Has he or she the choice of parents or the locality of birth?

Generally, this branch of science is resorted to , mostly by those who have horoscopes or who doubt the correctness of them. This branch of science can answer all questions and clear all doubts. Even when one decides to offer prediction using other branches of the science, Horary Astrology has to be used as a final safe method to declare with confidence the results already obtained.

This method is as rational and has scientific as any other branch of astrology and it is the sublime art of foreseeing events from the position of planets at the moment when one propounds seriously a question about any important matter. By applying it, one can predict the longevity, health, success or failure in one’s enterprise, one’s stay in foreign land or his return, the time of marriage, the description of partner, re-union or divorce, birth of children, result of examination, recovery of lost articles, gain by lottery or race or speculation, success in litigation, treasure, legacy and anything and every thing on the earth.

This branch of science is not a bluff. It is not to dupe the gullible throng. But at the same time, it is not easy for the student of astrology to make predictions infallibly unless they are through with the principles of astrology available now.

It is not numerology. Some mistake that the astrologer uses numerology and predicts. They are ignorant. The number indicates the ascendant for that query and the astrologer calculates the position of planets for the moment of judgment and then judges the result.