Nakshatra – Birth Star

Nakshatras are the twenty seven constellations or “lunar asterisms” that exist within and throughout the twelve major constellations Aries to Pisces. They are known to Western astronomical science by their Greek names. Each nakshatra occupies 13º20′ of the 360º circle of constellations, 13º20′ x 27 = 360º. Furthermore, each nakshatra is divided into quarters or padas. Each pada = 3º20′; so 3º20′ x 4 = 13º20′; 4 padas x 27 nakshatras = 108 padas in 360º.

The Moon gives different result, in each of the 27 nakshatras and in each pada or quarter of each nakshatra. Table below gives each nakshatra’s Sanskrit name as in used by Hindu lunar astrology, along with Greek astronomical name.

Sr. No. Sanskrit Greek Shape
1. Ashwini Beta Arietis 3 stars resembling the face of a horse
2. Bharani 35 Arietis 3 stars resembling a female sex organ
3. Krittika Pleiades 6 stars resembling a razor
4. Rohini Aldebaran 5 stars resembling a chariot
5. Mrigasira Lambda Orionis 5 stars resembling a deer’s head
6. Ardra Alpha Betelgeuse 1 star resembling a head
7. Punarvasu Beta Geminorium Pollux 5 stars resembling a bow
8. Pushya Delta Cancri 3 stars resembling a flower
9. Aslesha Epsilon Hydrae 6 stars representing a serpant
10. Magha Regulus 5 stars representing a palanquin
11. Poorvaphalguni Delta Leonis 4 stars resembling a cot
12. Uttharaphalguni Danebola 4 stars resembling a cot
13. Hastha Delta Corvi 5 stars resembling a palm
14. Chitra Spica Virginis 1 star resembling a pearl
15. Swathi Arcturus 1 star resembling a pearl
16. Vishakha Alphae Librae 3 stars resembling a potter’s wheel
17. Anuradha Delta Scorpionis 3 stars resembling a lotus
18. Jyeshta Antares 3 stars resembling an umbrella
19. Moola LambdaScorpionis 6 stars resembling a crouching lions
20. Poorvashada Delta Sagitarii 4 stars resembling a square
21. Uttharashada Sigma Sagitarii 4 stars resembling a square
22. Shravana Alpha Aquilae 3 stars resembling an arrow
23. Dhanishta Beta Delphinum 4 stars resembling an arrow
24. Sathabhisa Lamda Aquarius 100 stars resembling a flower
25. Poorvabhadrapada Beta Pegasi 4 stars resembling the legs of a cot
26. Uttarabhadrapada Gama Pegasi 4 stars resembling the legs of a cot
27. Revathi Zeta Piscium 3 stars resembling a fish